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    US 1 Industries, Inc. through its subsidiaries develops, incubates and maintains a series of independent trucking businesses throughout a nationwide network with a services provider business model. As primarily a non-asset based service provider, US 1 Industries offers various services to small business owners in the trucking and logistics community. Those services include financial, risk management and information technology. The company also offers safety management and a number of other services 
that small, independent businesses need in order to operate effectively in the competitive trucking and logistics business.

    These small business owners have the facilities and personnel to monitor and coordinate shipments and to outsource the transportation function to independent contractors who own and operate their own trucks or to other motor carriers. They generally are paid a percentage of the revenue received from customers for the transportation of goods. The direct expenses related to the operation of the trucks are the responsibility of the equipment owners. US 1 currently maintains relationships with 50 independent business owners who outsourced the transportation for more than 1000 different customers last year.

    US 1 Industries’ agents and business partners operate primarily in niche markets such as intermodal, local drayage, brokerage and over-dimensional business that because of their nature are not as susceptible to the high fuel costs, driver turnover and extreme competition that are often associated with long-haul trucking. As a result, the company focuses on providing low cost quality services to their agents and business partners enabling them to successfully compete in the trucking, logistics, and warehousing industries.

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